Season One, Episode 02 – Other Worlds

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DIEGO PALMA: I came eight years ago after discovering ayahuasca and starting working with mother Ayahuasca. So I drink ayahuasca 15 years ago for the first time, and it was an amazing experience. It opened like a path. It opened like a window. Finally, I see, oh, this could help me really change my life. And it did. It changed it dramatically. I start drinking ias more often to a point that then I say, what I really, what would like to do with my life is to share this medicine.

I was feeling that I was really able to hold the space and share this medicine and it become my life and now it is. My name is Diego Palma. We are now at the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Very close to Machu Picchu. Surrounded by amazing mountains. If you ask people that come here, there is a, some of them comes into tears when they arrived, just looking at the mountains and at the plants and the vibe that is around. 

KUSH: A Shaman is a medicine man, the Shaman is with everything to do with this planet, with the spirit of this planet, spirit of water, fire, air, mother earth, all other things. You see many people in the planet now is searching for spirituality and back to the Mother Earth, Shamanism and other things. Before you don’t see that. Now the people looking for that. Why? Because it’s time of the light. It’s time of the people wake up about all the dimension, all the things, because this life is very short. Yeah. My name is Kush. I am a Shaman who I am a spirit, a spiritual person too. When you drink ayahuasca, you go very far. Go in the other dimensions. You see yourself how you are. 

DIEGO PALMA: I do ayahuasca ceremonies on a regular basis every Friday with all the responsible seekers that come across. Normally we have like a 30 to a hundred people coming every week, you know, from all around the world. And it’s a pleasure, huge pleasure to share this medicine and to see. In one night no a whole transformation. Ayahuasca is a brew that is made of two plants. One is the vine of Ayahuasca. It’s a vine, and the other one is the leaves of a bush that is called Chacruna.

The DMT, that is the substance that goes of the expanded awareness state, come from the chacruna. It doesn’t come from the Ayahuasca come from the bush of the leaves of this plant called Chacruna. But when you drink any amount of DMT orally, you have some enzymes in your stomach called MAOI enzymes. That will destroy the DMT oxidate it. So in the Ayahuasca there is another components called harmina, another alkaloids that are MAIO inhibitors. In that way, the DMT can reach your blood and your brain no, and make the whole transformation.

KUSH: Normally Ayahuasca is prepared with 11 or 12 hour boiling. Very good medicine. And for example, in here the shamans, no use marijuana, don’t use mushrooms, no use that because it’s not for this place. 

DIEGO PALMA: When you ask the people in the Amazon, how do they know how to put these two plants together, they say, oh, the spirits of the plants told us. So they have this connection constantly. 

KUSH: When you ask this question, who find the fire? It is difficult, because that is for thousand of thousand year. All the Amazons, Shamans use ayahuasca. 

DIEGO PALMA: They all know ayahuasca, so ayahuasca you cannot track it back when it was discovered. It was discovered simultaneously in different tribes all around the Amazon Basin with different names and this, all of them are Chacruna and ayahuasca.

KUSH: My first experience about 16 or 17 years ago, that is long time because I am now, I am now 58. I looking for something different of the normal for, say, normal life because I saw my father’s– all my family, to have normal life. 

DIEGO PALMA: I was living in Lima, working like IT in a big company with hundreds of other employees in a little cubicle with my computer. And married in a really dysfunctional marriage. Blaming each other, hurting each other. 

KUSH: But for me, that’s boring. I said, I need to have other things on this planet.

DIEGO PALMA: I was very frustrated. My life was, I was really unhappy about the system of just working, working, working in competition with a lot of fear of losing my job, feeling all these sensations of this is life. Working a lot just for one week of vacations to go to Cancun, to drink like an idiot in a all inclusive and return back to work. And that was my work, my life. And I was feeling that it could not be like this. Something have to change. 

KUSH: And for that, I looking for teachers, I looking for different way of life. Already in that time, my spirit, tell me things. I dream, things I have paranormal things too.

DIEGO PALMA: Just by curiosity I heard about ayahuasca and I remember thinking, you know, I want to try anything that will change my life. Even I can drink poison if it is going to change my life in a good way.

KUSH: In my life. I find many teachers in Peru, I’ve been in the Amazonas. After that I go to India, Nepal, Europe, many, many places looking for, searching many other things .

DIEGO PALMA: I was looking for a shaman in the jungle, but things happened that. I met a couple of shamans, but actually I will not share a beer with them in a bar. So how can I share something that is so crucial, so transforming, , like stepping into the unknown with the expanded state of awareness with someone that you didn’t, don’t have that trust.

KUSH: And, , later back to Peru. I go very in the shamanisn and in the spirituality , way. What I like a lot.

DIEGO PALMA: So I keep looking and I was very lucky. I find a good shaman that was living in Lima and his approach, but was a little different than from the approach from the jungle After drinking ayahuasca, he was playing the sitar and many mantras. So I approach the expanded state of awareness from another perspective than the jungle perspective.

KUSH: The nice things were what I saw in that time, the ayahuasca, I see myself, I see myself how I am with my good things, and with my bad things, and in that moment i said, my God, I am that way. I need to change.

DIEGO PALMA: But my process was of questioning what is real about who we are, and we can see that It is a thing of deconstructing. It’s not adding, it’s subtracting who you are. What remains after you take out all the labels is what you are present, you’re now, you’re here. 

KUSH: Ayahuasca ceremony is normally in the night. 

DIEGO PALMA: The opening we’ll kind of connected to a kind of ask, asking permission to Mother Earth to hold the space for us, to help us, to bring them on us all together. It’s like a ritual part of the opening and there’s also a closing after of gratitude. Giving thanks. That’s the only part that I can say that is ritual in a way. So they come with an empty stomach, no alcohol, no sex before come with all your energy, come hold with all your energy.

We drink, we turn out the lights and after that there’s nothing you need to do.There’s no more you need to do. And that’s the difficult part cuz we want to control. No what, what I’m going to do. Do nothing. Just be with your breath. You already came, when you come to the ceremony, you already have an intention inside.

KUSH: Normally the first sensation of Ayahuasca you want to throw up. That is very necessary because when you throw up, go the blocks, the sentiment, many things, what you have inside, what block you. You go away in the throw up. That is the false medicine. 

DIEGO PALMA: And many people are afraid about this process of, oh, I don’t want to vomit. I don’t like it. And obviously it’s anyone, anyone doesn’t like to throw up the medicine is not doing any harm at all to your system.

KUSH: That is, much better to surrender. Everything is amplified. You see many things, nice things, and no nice things.

DIEGO PALMA: Purging the negativity in between your mind, your thoughts, your relationship with others. The more you struggle, the more you push the experience away. Okay, you’re pushing yourself into a little nightmare that at the end is going to help you afterwards. When you understand what happened to you. For me, it’s important, the silence. It really give you the opportunity to really go deep inside and feel at the same time that everybody’s holding the space with you.

Let it go. Let it go, and trust. Light and darkness this inside of you just feel what you want to hold within. What I tell them is to really focus on their breath and relax and surrender. There are many things happening. No, everyone has different, like different abilities and perspectives. Some people are very visual. They see like a whole universe know of visuals and they’re amazed about that.

KUSH: Many people is not so nice. Sometime you have more bad experience. Because you come in and panic. You know when you resist, you want to go, I want to go from these things. Wow, my God, what’s that? That is a demon that is what he looking when, when drinking ayahuasca.

DIEGO PALMA: There are different tools to bring different kind of healing and manifestations into the ceremony. I think songs are crucial actually in the ceremony. 

KUSH: Shamans are beginning to singing at that singing chanting, attracts the spirit. The music is very important because transport to you outer dimensions. I go close to him and singing and I give my hand. All with Tobac, I put a little bit Tobac and singing and that call.

DIEGO PALMA: The medicine songs are like, pointing all the time for to different truths that are there. So it helps you to not be distracted and go away to a mind trip. But remain focused. Remain focused all the time in the state of presence, and it gives you confidence.


KUSH: That is the effect of ayahuasca to connect with other world, connected with, your mind, connected with, dimension. Because in this planet have many other dimension. The spirit always want to communicate with us, your spirit, other spirit want to help. 

DIEGO PALMA: There are some beliefs, limiting beliefs that do not belong to you. These kinds of programming gets in. Stuck in and it’s difficult to get them out. With ayahuasca, you can really start like peeling these layers out, looking what are you holding to be truth and seeing that it is completely false. In this peeling of layers it will brings the happiness that after the ceremony you can see like a huge smile in people.

KUSH: The plant ayahuasca, the name is the plant of dying. I call it different because dying not exist. Nothing is dying. Nothing disappear. Your body don’t die. And the ayahuasca help and because, you saw all the things because normal life, what you do in normal life, you go to school and, uh, working, have a woman and, have children and dying. That is all. Oh my God. That is, that’s just one part of the existence. We could have lots of things.

DIEGO PALMA: We want to name it God or the cosmos of. I mean, there are just names. No, but this the thing that you feel that you belong to, that you’re one with– that is part of the ceremony. That’s part of the belief of holding the space in ceremony. So beautiful in a way, it is like a understand that we are all that is. So we are not only the light and not the darkness, it’s all within us. All the universe within us. 

KUSH: For me open the door. But normally I use ayahuasca, but I have other things too. I have meditation. I have, many other exercise for development of my mind. Ayahuasca mean helping me to me. Well, the other things helping me too. It’s not the only one. 

DIEGO PALMA: Now. There are, we have some churches in Brazil, , the Santa Diamond all around the world actually now. And many conference and people talking about, hey, this plant is really helping humanity, come on, let’s be, let’s come see, let’s face it. And I hope that eventually it’s going to be legal all over the world. And it’s going to be a huge change when that happened. It’s so beautiful and it’s considered in the states, it’s considered, like a drug as in the same level of cocaine or something like that. And it’s insane to be now in these times and still trying to control people minds.

KUSH: Yes, yes. I, I want to say everyone, wake up. Wake up because the life is wow, my God. The human and the planet is both reaction and same things. What happened to you happened to the planet.

DIEGO PALMA: Ayahuasca is a medicine that is helping so many people, but so many people to awaken, to change their lives, to connect to their hearts, to heal the childhood and their lives. That is the hardest thing underneath the crucial aspect, that letting go that surrender. The more you surrender more deeper levels and more blissful and easy to become.

I want people to look at me and say, oh, if he can do that, I can do that. Oh, he’s doing this and I want to do that. Now, I feel that it’s good. So I want to be like an example for people to push them to do the same, to go out of the box actually to, and look for yourself. What is real, what is true. I want people to remember this way.

PETER GERSTEN: Just gotta do it. Anybody afraid of heights? 

PRODUCER: This guy, 

PETER GERSTEN: which guy? 

PRODUCER: Me and heights have not gotten along. 

PETER GERSTEN: Take that part of you and you should left it in the car.


PETER GERSTEN: Right now we’re at the top of Bell Rock. Bell Rock is about 600 feet from the base to the top. There are several areas that you can go at the top, go a little higher for better views, and I have this attraction to Bell Rock than I don’t know. So I start researching Bell Rock and Bell Rock has the symbolism reputation of being an Inter-dimensional portal. There was some precedent because during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. 

SAMPLE: For thousands, this date is so important that the future of the Earth depends on it.

PETER GERSTEN: A guy was selling tickets, to ride on the spaceship that was coming outta the center of Bell Rock. So it did have that reputation also. There’s connections with me and the word bell, in weirdest ways. So I think, okay, there’s certain times when portals open top of Bell Rock would be the place December 21st, 2012. And it’s interesting how a Jewish attorney from New York City criminal defense attorney happened to wind up in Sedona, Arizona sitting on the top of Bell Rock on the Winter Solstice 2012 waiting for a portal to open. Well, let me ask you something, does that, can you tell the difference between truth and lies? Is it also a lie detector? In other words, it won’t go up. So this way you can say, Nope, sorry. That’s a lie. 

PRODUCER: It’s got a little switch that says bullshit. 

PETER GERSTEN: You know what I mean? That’s what I want. Turn, 

PRODUCER: I’ll turn the bullshit off.

PETER GERSTEN: Okay. You’re right. My name is Peter Gersten. , I’m 71 years of age. Presently I am in Magic Land at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona. I’m an attorney. I am licensed to practice in New York State and Arizona. Retired though. I passed the bar in 1971, New York State Bar. I joined the Brooklyn DA’s office in November of 71, I believe. And I was a prosecutor for four and a half years, and then I went to private practice until 1993.

And then in 1993, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. And during the day I practiced criminal law. I was a criminal defense attorney, and most of my clients were accused of homicides, murders, double murders, triple murders. But at night, I practiced the hobby of mine, which was suing the government for UFO information under the Freedom of Information Act. 

SAMPLE: Attorney Peter Gersten has led the fight to unearth these documents on behalf of a group called Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. 

PETER GERSTEN: I don’t think I’ve ever had an encounter with a UFO. I think this– what our reality is, is a simulation holographic reality. Intelligently designed. It’s above three-dimensional, it’s above artificial virtual. It’s like a higher level. So we’re programmed before we even come down in here to have certain likes and abilities and interests and appearance and so forth and so on. I guess I picked a program that had to do with an interest in UFOs because since I was about– I was born in ’42. Five years before Kenneth Arnold siding.

AUDIO CLIP: Nine disc like objects roughly 45 miles away, flying at a speed of approximately 1500 miles per hour near Mount Rainier, Oregon, the date, June 24th, 1947.

PETER GERSTEN: 1947, I was about five years of age. And I guess within the next five years, by the time I was 10, I was reading all the books on UFOs, every single book, and whether it was an occupant contact book, a sighting report, I would read the books. And I wasn’t interested in science fiction, just UFO information. When I became an attorney, my fascination with UFOs had continued since I was a kid, and I decided to write the various UFO groups and ask that they needed any help in any way, particularly funding. Outta the five groups.

I wrote to, one contacted me and stated that they wanted documents under the Freedom of Information Act. And the Freedom of Information Act was a law recently passed at that time in 1977. This was by Congress that allowed the public to obtain certain documents. Bottom line is in 1977 on their behalf I filed a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency for any and all documents that they had. And two years later, in 1979, they released over 900 pages of documents concerning a subject matter that they said, number one, they weren’t even studying, and number two didn’t affect national security.

In 1975, I had an accordion file like about, let’s see, about six inches thick with all kinds of strange paranormal activity from 1975. Like a window open between worlds realms. Creatures came in, strange objects came in, cattle mutilations, contacts, you name it. It was like heavy duty, 1975. I’ve never seen another year like that. And it’s interesting because if you think that, oh, that’s crazy. But there are so many things that are unexplained, right? Strange phenomena in the sky. UFOs, that’s too generic a term, you have to break them down to the individual phenomena.

Crop circles are still unexplained. Probably around 1980-81 Ground Saucer Watch, the original group did not want to continue with any more lawsuits. They believed after reading the documents released by the CIA, that everything that people were seeing either had a natural explanation or were government craft. So they didn’t want to go on. My focus just shifted. I don’t know as far as lawsuits are concerned, no, nobody else has brought a lawsuit since 2000. Nobody else ever brought a lawsuit before 2000, so I was the only one that ever did it. 

AUDIO CLIP:  How much should the public be told about our government’s investigations of UFOs? It’s true that some information pertains to national defense should be classified. But what about other information? 

PETER GERSTEN: In 1993, after I went on a vision quest, it was 10 days in the Southwest from New York City. In other words, two days in Durango, Colorado, six days in the Canyonlands in Utah, and then two days back in Durango, Colorado. During the time, it’s like a ceremonial rite of passage. You say goodbye to your old life and you welcome your new. You do ceremonies and sweat lodges and it’s usually people going through some kind of emotional crisis, some kind of midlife crisis and they want to just start over again.

So when you’re in the canyonlands for–besides the ceremonies you do, you spend four days fasting.Three of those days alone. And I mean alone, you’re not even allowed to bring labels on your clothing to read. Nothing to read, nothing to listen to. You’re supposed to stay by yourself for those three days and just be with yourself in a beautiful place all alone. And the last night of the third alone you’re supposed to stay up all night praying for a vision. And that vision you then take back to your community. My vision basically was to move to the Southwest.

But Utah and Colorado were a little too cold so I moved to Arizona. I drove down with my friend. The day I left, somebody said, you gotta go to Sedona, Arizona, and I said, Sedona, Arizona, never heard of the place. Gotta go. I drove down 179 from 17–179, and I came into it and the first thing you see is a little red, and then you see courthouse, and then you see Bell Rock. And I said, I’m home. This majesty in front of us, majestic stone, that must be one of the highest frequencies. It’s different than the other red rocks in the area such as Castle and Courthouse. It’s deeper. It has a unique shape.

It’s a spiral shape when you look from the top down. But depending on which direction you look at, it looks differently. If you look at the South side, it looks like a bell. And I guess that’s where it got it’s name. Now it could be symbolic cuz that’s how the simulation communicates, whatever the intelligence is through symbols. A doorway, a portal, a gateway. I figure that there’s a portal gonna be opening. Why not on the top of Bell Rock? And I said in 2012, I’m gonna be 70 years of old, and maybe it’s time to go out on top without tubes, without a walker. Can’t do anything, can’t hike. Time to go out. Leap of faith.

Now my story, I wanted to manifest the ending to this story. The ending of the story the portal opens. Leap of faith, risk your life, greater the reward. That theme was in the back of my mind as far as a leap of faith. Now, like any video game, you access certain portals you can skip levels and go to certain other places, and that’s what I look at as a metaphor. And like in a hologram, the entire hologram is contained in each of the parts. So I should be able to access any part of the hologram from the top of Bell Rock. The center of the galaxy if there is such a thing, it’s probably within us.

Everything’s within us. At the center of the galaxy according to the Mayan, that’s where the source is, the source of the simulation where life began. So I needed to go to the center of the galaxy. I needed to go to the source. It just made perfect story. Okay? This whole thing, and I didn’t create any of this, the only thing I did take on faith was a leap of faith. Because there’s certain messages in movies that I believe are just that. Certain people, movie directors, actors, seem to be in certain movies and get certain information channeled to them that they then spread out in a movie or a TV show. TV show called The Martian Chronicles. And that had to do with this religious leader, reverend going to Mars and believing that there was another intelligence on Mars that was invisible. 

AUDIO CLIP:  You are aware. I know you are. 

PETER GERSTEN: So, in order to prove his point, he decided to jump off a ledge after he saw certain orbs over him. Just took that leap of faith. And it’s interesting cuz if you look at the show, he jumps off a red rock. And right before he hits the ground these orbs encircle him and basically he took a leap of faith.

AUDIO CLIP: Instead of a cross. A blue sphere will represent the Martian Christ. We will live with you and we will help  you to discover God.

PETER GERSTEN: If you risk your life, that’s the only way you can actually get the highest result. So yeah, I expected the ending of my story to manifest. The portal would open. I would access that portal some way leading to the center of the galaxy where I would find the mimetic virus that’s affecting and corrupting our simulation in order to neutralize it and restore the natural balance to the simulation. It’s one thing to take a leap of faith if I see something. And my daughter wanted to know. It was like, like what? Like what can you see that would cause you to take a leap of faith in that manner? And I said, well let’s assume like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind spaceship comes over.

So I gave her that example. She says, okay, anything else? I said, well, what happens if a hole opens in like a window between realms or something like that? I’m gonna go in. She says, okay, but make sure two other people see it. All right? So in other words, I wasn’t gonna leave her with the ridicule. The grief, she’s gonna have to deal with herself. But I’m not gonna leave her with the ridicule of me jumping off the rock like some idiot. I would have to see something, at least she can rely on. Because if I see something and do it, then what I’ve been telling her all along is true and part of what I tell her is this is just temporary. We see each other in other ones. This was all over the internet.

They were doing chat rooms about this and everybody was getting alarmed and they were following my countdown journal and things like that. Counting down the day from at least five years ago. I would write blogs and stuff like that. Then I realized the more attention I was bringing, the less likely I was gonna be able to stay on the top of Bell Rock. So I stopped talking about it cuz everybody was concentrating on me, jumping off the rock. That’s all they cared about. They didn’t care about why I might want to do a leap of faith. They didn’t care about any virus or simulation or intelligent design or holographic reality. All they cared about is he’s jumping off the rock. And most of them, I push their buttons because, oh, let him jump. One less lawyer is good. You know that idiot if he thinks he’s gonna go splat, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So I brought, even though they had no idea who I was, right. They were just reading words on a computer screen. And it was amazing that they were, their buttons were pushed. And it was saying, wow, it’s just, you know how people react. So I was a mirror for all these people, to show. And once in a while you would get, hey, listen, he has a right to do whatever he wants. You know what I mean? And I applauded his courage. But no one really believed the portal was gonna open. Everybody believed that I was coming back down. I had assured then that I wasn’t jumping unless something happened. So basically they believe that. Cops believed it, my family believed it. I had planned to create videos for everybody.

This is– I’m Peter Gersten. I’m one of the stars of the Holographic Reality Program, the House in Rainbow Lane in Magic Land. But I didn’t, my daughter sent me an email saying this is how she feels. She believes I’m gonna be here afterwards, but just in case. And it was very, very emotional email from her. Problem why I wanted to access the portal was because like a computer program, like a human body simulation is subject to being attacked by quote unquote, a virus.

My son, he just, my son denies everything. The only thing, he threatened at one time is the commitment. A “parasite”, a worm, and that’s what’s happening in the simulation that’s being corrupted by a memetic virus. My landlord wanted to know what she should do with all my things, Bell Rock things, and all my furniture. What should I do? I said, listen. I will take care of that. I will have it safeguarded if I’m not here. Yeah. Within , a biosimulation carbon-based life forms, which is being corrupted by a virus, similar to a computer virus, similar to, a bio virus, but on a different level, it’s a metaphor for what attacks holographic reality. I don’t think there’s anything– reincarnation, future.

Everything happens in the present moment at the same time. There’s probably a million variations of just what we’re doing now or unlimited. That’s how the computer can do, it can create every single possibility. The Tuesday before the Friday too, deputy sheriffs came to the door and they were watching my movements and they were reading what I was writing and they were reading Facebook and they were getting calls from people who were concerned. I was gonna jump off the rock.

No, I’m not jumping off the rock. I said, matter of fact, I’ll show you what I’m gonna do, I’ll take you up there. And then they called me up like a day before, two days before and they said, we want to go to the top Bell Rock with you. So I said, Ooh, are they setting me up? Are they just want to like meet me? So I met them. Guy was in full dress weapon, everything, and I took him to the top of Bell Rock. And I showed him, this is where I’m gonna be tomorrow, and is what I’m gonna do and blah, blah, blah. And I’m gonna be up here about 10 o’clock. Stay up here at least at midnight, unless something happens sooner.

This helicopter was flying around. My, my nephew said, I want to take some pictures of the helicopter guy called the helicopter fly over us. It was like if there was any waste of gas, it was that day. Realizing that it is December 21st, 2012, a day and a time that I’ve been waiting for quite a long time, at least since I would assume ’98. Probably since the time I was born. It was my destiny to be up here on this particular day. It was like a calmness. I thought I wouldn’t even be able to sleep the night before.

So we went up there and it was a beautiful day, probably in the fifties. No wind, no problem staying up there during the day. Got up there by 10, 11:11 in the morning I was on top of the mound. That helicopter was like over there, right over there watching me just to make sure. There’s about 20 people already up there doing all kinds of, some doing ceremonies hanging. And there were people at the bottom of the rock in chairs waiting for me to jump. And it was just crazy. So the helicopter left around, I guess around two in the afternoon and we stayed up there. Then it got dark and. It got cold, but we were prepared. We wanted to make sure we were gonna be warm enough and there was no wind, but it was cold, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

So we just waited up there. I was just up here just looking around, just seeing anything unusual, looking for anything and just, some of the people went to sleep. They just went to sleep at midnight, three of us went down, including my friend. She said she felt different when she got to the bottom. For the next two days, the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, I guess for a while, I guess to the 23rd, I was like in a different state.

Two days later, the headline of the Red Rock News, “Vortex Jumper Costs the City $838”. They wanted a lot more money. They wanted to crucify me, so that’s the headline. They labeled me the Vortex Jumper. So in other words, it’s the UFO lawyer. Now went through a portal and became the Vortex Jumper. Before December 21st. I used to live week to week. I knew where I had to be on December 21st. So I could plan there and then watch the universe fill in the details and it filled in the details that I fit into my story. Oh, it is a story, my story, your story. Who has the best stories? Who is the more interesting stories?

So the leap of faith is still one of the elements. It’s not what I originally thought it was. Maybe a leap of faith is just playing the part and going along with it and letting it unfold naturally without resistance. Wherever it takes me though, I don’t know exactly what it involves. I still think it’s still part of whatever this game is that I’m in. Whatever this show is that I’m in. Now I’m here. I’m 70 now, 71, and I’m doing more now than I did when I was 52.

As a matter of fact, I’m glad I’m not getting younger cuz I couldn’t do what I I’m doing now. And sometimes I take go Bell Rock twice. All I know is that I look around and I see where I am and who I’m with and what the energy is and this looks pretty good to me. In other words, this is something I would’ve programmed for myself. Is the end that I would want the ending of my life.

PRODUCER: Do you have any last thoughts? 

PETER GERSTEN: Well yeah, my last thoughts are that–so I believe I’m part of this holographic reality program. I really do. I believe that it’s one of the top rated shows in the galaxy and it’s being observed, and that’s why I’m still getting these people and events going on. And people seem to be still interested in it. And it’s like magic land. When you’re in your bliss, the universe conspires to support you. And it does.