NOTHING: The Great Dismal (Official Music Video)

Steinbeck put it best, ‘Where there is little danger, there seems to be little stimulation.’ Perhaps the pattern of struggle is so deeply imprinted in the genes of all life conceived in this benevolently hostile planet that the removal of obstacles automatically atrophies a survival drive.

With EIS we don’t film to defend an idea or demonstrate one. We (often chaotically) start from a place without structure or form to depict the inherent beauty of destruction. Even with disarray unfolding in the streets around us there is still a beauty, that once recognized, can’t be unseen.

Directed by: Mike Martinez & Tyler Wray

Executive Producers: Domenic Palermo & Steven Bush

Produced by: Everything Is Stories

Director of Photography: Tyler Haft

Editor: Mike Martinez

Colorist: Oliver Eid

Audio Editing: Domenic Palermo

Original Music Production: Domenic Palermo & Will Yip

Audio Mastering: Nicholas Basset

Original Music Performed by Nothing